EMOTIONAL TURMOIL

    The vicarious violence experienced by watching television, for example, provokes physiological
    responses in the body of the viewer, especially in the brain and endocrine system and the
    debilitating biochemical imbalances caused by emotionl responses to such sensory onslaughts
    can be detected by laboratory tests on Blood plasma.

    While sex and violence in television and films provide cheap thrills for the viewer and big profits for
    the producer, they do so at great cost to human society, though often those costs remain hidden
    for a long time.

    In traditional Societies, pregnant women were carefully screened from viewing or hearing, any
    unpleasant sights or sounds, especially those which arouse Anger, Fear, Grief, Anxiety or any
    other extreme emotional response, in order to prevent adrenaline, cortisone and other hazardous
    biochemicals from being released and transferred to their developing fetuses via the blood stream.

    This may have prevented Mental, Emotional and
    Physical abnormalities in their offspring.

    Frequent outbursts of emotions are responsible for primary internal source of energy.
    It is known that grief, for example, such as one experiences after the death of spouse,
    renders a person highly vulnerable to disease and degeneration.

    Emotional equilibrium is a pre condition for maintaining strong immunity.
    Nothing throws human energy off balance more quickly and extremely than sudden outbursts.

    Grief, Distress, Fear, Worry and Anger are Emotions
    which have horrible effects on the body’s functions.

    Researchers have discovered that these emotions cause
    the release of chemicals from the brain called as neuropeptides.

    These potent compounds have a profound immunosuppressive action.
    Scientists have traced a pathway from the brain to the immune cells
    proving that negative emotions can stop the immune cells dead in their tracks.

    This results in part from the release of chemicals from nerve endings.
    Once this happens, harmful microbes or cancer cells will find it easier
    to invade and penetrate in to any part of the body.

    Each emotion is associated with a paired set of vital organs and the elemental energy which
    controls it.

    Of all the various energies associated with human life, emotional energies
    are by far the most difficult to control, and when permitted to run rampant,
    they disturb the mind, impair immunity and sap vitality,
    drying up and draining out Your Essence and Energy.

    Unlike Cerebral energy which is housed in the head, emotional energy resides in the heart and
    does not listen to any reasoning.
    Only sheer force of will can control it.

    Our emotions are like the behavior of a monkey.
    They are playful, Mischievous, restless and totally unpredictable.
    The ‘monkey mind’ of emotion swings from one extreme to another,
    responding unthinkingly to external stimuli conveyed by the Five senses.

    All emotional energies are provoked by sensory perceptions.
    If we hear something that we perceive as an insult,
    we instinctively react with anger.

    If we see something we regard as sexy, we respond with lust.
    If we receive disturbing news, we react with anxiety.

    In each case, the emotion is triggered by an external event,
    conveyed in to consciousness by sensory channels and unleashes
    an internal wave of energy that floods through the system like water from
    a dam which got burst out, knocking out the organ energies off the balance,
    triggering emergency stress responses and alarming the mind.

    Under uncontrollable emotions, both body and mind are rendered powerless to resist it.

    Besides robbing us of our health and vitality, emotions constitute the greatest obstacle to
    spiritual cultivation by diverting energy.

    Our emotions constitute our own worst enemies.
    Emotions are obstacles to spiritual development, pollutants to mental clarity,
    spoilers of human relations and enemies of intention and reason.

    Instant crimes are the ultimate manifestations of the age old conflict between heart and head in
    human life. A minor squabble ignites a major temper and in the fit of anger, a murder is

    A loved one has an accident and dies, unleashing such an overwhelming
    Flood of grief that the bereaved commits suicide.

    A husband finds his wife in bed with another man and  becomes so consumed with jealousy that
    he grabs a gun and shoots them both.

    These things happen everyday and are examples of how uncontrolled emotions i.e., lack of
    equilibrium, can cause people to do things for which they had no intention of whatsoever of doing,
    destroying their own and other lives in order to indulge momentary emotions.

    The only way to arrest these troublemakers and protect ourselves from their criminal conduct
    is to cultivate emotionary equilibrium.

    Cultivating equilibrium means applying discipline and awareness to prevent one’s emotions from
    running wild.

    It means keeping internal energies in balance by regulating one’s emotional reactions to external

    It means keeping the internal energies in balance,
    by harnessing the Heart with Head, rather than letting the Heart go out of control: it means
    controlling Fire with water, rather than letting the fire burn up all your essence and energy:
    it means guiding emotions with wisdom.

    Modern medicine has completely lost sight of the vital role played in human health by non physical
    factors such as Thoughts, Emotions, Internal Energies and External Environmental aberrations.

    Many common chronic ills, such as migraine, headache and blood pressure are caused and
    sustained by Anger, Stress, Mental discord, Over Excitement, Grief, Anxiety, Fear and other
    uncontrolled Emotional responses which play havoc
    with the delicate balance of Essence and Energy.

    At best, drugs can only provide temporary symptomatic relief for such problems, but they do
    nothing to eliminate the root causes and often they
    further aggravate the underlying bio chemical imbalances provoked by
    Stress and Emotional Turmoil.

    Each Emotion we generate triggers physiological reactions throughout the system, including
    secretions of various hormones, release of neo transmitters in the brain and nervous system,
    changes in Blood Pressure, Adjustments in Breathing and Respiration and stimulation.

    When Emotional responses are moderate and well balanced and are permitted to run their course
    swiftly and smoothly, they cause no serious harm and sometimes even provide
    Positive Stimulations in the Body’s Organ – Energy Systems.

    But if a particular Emotional response. Become extreme or explosive and if it is prolonged or
    frequently repeated, it causes a serious of physiological reactions which can seriously damage the
    associated organs and throw the entire human energy system off balance.

    When this happens the Body’s radiant shield of Protective energy is impaired, Resistance and
    immunity are lowered and the offending Emotions become major internal causes of disease,
    degeneration and debility.

    The Five SENSES are called five thieves, because they rob the adept’s Treasures of Essence,
    Energy and Spirit and waste his precious time and energy on idle sensory distractions and
    emotional indulgences.

    The Emotions become like Vandals in our system, mugging our own Will power,
    Assaulting our Organs, Glands and Nerves with stress, looting our store of Precious Essence and
    Energy and intimidating with Spirit.

    In other words, Emotional Disturbances and Metabolic disorders
    can form a vicious circle of self sustaining disease.

    For example, frequent incidents of Anger will damage the Liver Organ and its Functions.

    After a while the Emotional Energy released by Anger disrupts and depresses Liver Function, one
    of the symptoms of which is irritability and short temper, which in turn predisposes a person to
    even more frequent out bursts of Anger, thereby further damaging the Liver and Establishing and
    increased psycho – physiological cycle of disease and debility.

    There is a considerable interplay between the physical and the mental.
    An illness with a purely physical cause may produce both physical and mental symptoms, an illness
    of the mind also may produce disease in the body.

    If the Emotions are kept with in normal limits, no disease results.
    If the Emotions are so powerful as to be uncontrollable, giving a person the feeling of being
    possessed and of having his life governed by them, they will injure the body.

    A passing Emotion, even a violent one, is harmless, but if it is allowed to continue the mind for
    some time it may well give rise to some physical disease.

    If a  person normally healthy in Mind and Body, is depressed by some distressing circumstances
    he will recover from his depression as soon as the situation which caused its alters for the better.

    If however the situation persists for some time and the sufferer has some weakness which lowers
    his resistance he will continue to feel depressed even when its causes are removed.

    Because it lasted for so long, the depressions has either caused a weakness once this physical
    deterioration has begun it can not be cured by purely mental means, except by a remarkable
    strong mental person and an easier  course to adopt is first to correct the physical weakness.

    Then provided the patient is capable of making some efforts to help himself, mental condition will
    be come alright on its own accord.

    Perhaps the most dangerous physiological consequence caused by the Seven Emotions is the
    impairment of the Immune system which renders the human body vulnerable to opportunistic
    infections and degenerative diseases, many of them fatal.

    It is a well known fact in western medicine that a person who succumbs to prolonged grief after
    the death of a spouse becomes highly susceptible to cancer, heart disease and other fatal

    In the age of chronic stress, Excessive Sensory stimulation, Emotional insecurity and constant
    anxiety, it seems incredible that western medical scientists have not explored the possible
    connections between extreme emotional disturbances and AIDS.